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We believe the best ideas and solutions are revealed in nature.

We strive to solve challenging issues with natural solutions that are environmentally positive, economically flourishing, and improve the quality of life for people and animals.

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The Wireless Grid™ explained

Patented Technologies & Systems

We have exclusive access to patented, patent-pending, and confidential solutions in sustainable energy, durable housing, nutritious food, clean water, and clean transportation.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our ambition is to research, advise, and implement whole-system solutions to accelerate the highest quality of life for the most neglected people groups on planet earth.

Environment + Economic

Our innovative solutions bless people and animals, replenish the environment, and are economically prosperous for local communities.

Current Projects

Now is the time to implement the most sustaining and lowest cost solutions in
energy, food, water, and transportation in human history, and we can do it for all.


The first historical demonstration of 100% off-grid sustainable energy, housing, food, water, waste, and transportation!

e Taxi For All

Commercially replace current polluting motorcycles with clean energy and electric motorcycles, utilizing solar-powered kiosks for battery “swapping.”

Keola (Life)

Through film and effective story, ignite a personal connection to the ocean to motivate human appreciation and behavior.

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