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eTaxi for ALL

Benin, West Africa

The Challenge

Today, Cotonou has over 50,000 “zémidjans” (motorcycle taxi drivers in city) driving carbon-based motorcycles (imported from India and China)

Zémidjans have 60% higher respiratory disease (e.g., asthma, emphysema, lung cancer, etc.) due to excessive air pollution caused by the motorcycles

Zémidjans have daily and costly business expenditures in gas, oil, air filters, spark plugs, engine re-builds, etc.

Non-sustainable commerce – economically, environmentally, and culturally (e.g., petrol is imported from incongruous sources)

Carbon Free
Zero Emmisions

100% carbon-free energy-to-transport system

The Solution

  • Commercially replace current polluting motorcycles with clean energy and electric motorcycles (100% carbon-free energy-to-transport system) utilizing solar-powered kiosks for battery “swapping” or energy exchange centers

  • Lower operational costs (no fuel, no oil, no spark plugs, no clutch, no transmission, etc.)

  • Lower systemic costs due to cleaner air, reducing respiratory disease

  • Employ local energy distributors for battery “swapping” stations

  • Win-Win-Win and introduces new “clean energy” economic development to developing nations

Thriving Waters is registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit.

Our innovative solutions bless people and animals, replenish the environment, and are economically prosperous for local communities.

Donate Today

The Need: $500,000 USD

  • Funds prototype demonstration work for developing three (3) eTaxi prototypes with the patented Universal Energy Module® integrated into solar-powered kiosks and transportation
  • Funds prototype demonstration work for developing one (1) UEM® Solar Kiosk
  • Funds project work for developing the Wireless Grid Operating System (WGOS™) for processing digital fuel payments between the taxi driver, the eTaxi, and the UEM® Solar Kiosk and the swappable battery business model
  • Funds project materials, shipment of goods, and personnel travel to Cotonou, Benin

The Results

  • Increased profit for Zémidjans with ELIMINATION of business expenses for oil changes, spark plugs, and engine rebuilds
  • Elimination of carbon-fuel motorcycle taxis in developing nations and introduction of zero-emission transportation (source-to-use)
  • Improvement in healthcare of taxi drivers (Zémidjans) and reduction of system healthcare costs in community for ALL
  • Decrease in theft of gasoline, motorcycles, and parts due to full remote security and tracking capability of UEM®
  • Supports sustainable energy independence for Benin

"How soon can you bring this solution to us?"

– Zémidjan Driver

By the Numbers

The Most Efficient Energy Supply and Demand System in World History.

  • no emissions
  • no oil changes
  • no spark plugs
  • no noise
  • no transmissions
  • no clutch
  • no engine re-builds
  • no foreign energy dependence

Join Us in replacing current polluting motorcycles with clean energy and electric motorcycles.

Give one-time or monthly, and you’ll become a part of changing the world, and a part of a passionate community, committed making sure everyone in the world has access to clearn, sustainable energy.