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Now is the time to implement the most sustaining and lowest cost solutions for all. Because of our exclusive access to patented, patent-pending, and confidential solutions in sustainable energy, durable housing, nutritious food, clean water, and clean transportation, we can implement these solutions.

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Alpha Home Showcase

The FIRST historical demonstration of 100% off-grid sustainable energy. For the first time in human history the ALPHA HOME™ SHOWCASE proposes to demonstrate and solve multiple challenges at once.

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eTaxi for ALL

100% carbon-free energy-to-transport system. Commercially replaces current polluting motorcycles with clean energy and electric motorcycles (100% carbon-free energy-to-transport system) utilizing solar-powered kiosks for battery “swapping” or energy exchange centers.

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Keola (Life) Film

Through film and effective story, we aim to ignite a personal connection to the ocean to motivate human appreciation and behavior. The Keola (Life)” film provides an introduction to Thriving Waters International (TWI) efforts in marine conservation and LIFE.

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