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Wireless Grid™ Showcase

Kona, Hawai’i

The Challenge

Most developing and island nations are 100% DEPENDENT on foreign energy supply, and most are overly-dependent on foreign food supply. Historically, the cost and access to electricity drive the prosperity of a nation. Without affordable energy access over one and half billion people remain “off-the-grid”, and daily purchase, burn, and inhale toxic gases of carbon-based fuels.

Global carbon emissions totaled more than 37 billion metric tons in 2018, up almost 90% since 1970 – primarily driven by burning carbon-based fuels to generate electricity AND to propel internal combustion engines (ICE). While the long-term effects have become politicized, short-term effects are measurably deadly to humans, animals, and ALL life.

Electricity (grid-based) and Petrol energy that rely on massive infrastructure solutions are unaffordable and force foreign energy dependency upon the poorest of nations.

Off Grid
Zero Emissions

The FIRST historical demonstration of 100% off-grid sustainable energy

The Solution

For the first time in human history the WIRELESS GRID™ SHOWCASE proposes to demonstrate and solve multiple challenges at once. The WIRELESS GRID™ will incorporate:

  • Abundant and Clean Electricity
  • Hurricane-proof and Earthquake-proof Housing
  • Integrated Aquaponic Food Systems (i.e., fish and vegetation)
  • Water-from-air Extraction Technology (2 gallons per day)
  • Waste Systems / Recycling / Circular Economy
  • Electric Transportation for Work and Personal Mobility

The WIRELESS GRID™ SHOWCASE will feature “off-grid” Multi-family and Single-family Housing and demonstrating:

  • Hurricane-proof and Earthquake resistant Housing Structures
  • 100% Electrical Energy (solar + Universal Energy Module® battery storage, AC/DC)
  • Sustainable Food, Water, Waste, and Electric Transportation Systems
  • Pay-as-you-go Electrical Utility for Stationary and Mobile Energy Needs
  • Low-cost Production Cost Targets

NOTE: Production Cost Targets are an order of magnitude less expensive than current housing and traditional energy infrastructures; albeit, historically low costs

Thriving Waters is registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit.

Our innovative solutions bless people and animals, replenish the environment, and are economically prosperous for local communities.

Donate Today

The Need: $1.1 Mil

The WIRELESS GRID™ SHOWCASE is a demonstration of pre-production energy, food, water systems, housing and vehicle prototypes. In order to demonstrate state-of-the-art technology over $3 Million (USD) of patented and patent-pending energy storage and power delivery technology is being donated to the WIRELESS GRID™ SHOWCASE project. Architectural concept drawings, aquaponic solutions, and water-extraction technologies are complete and will be purchased. Development engineering remains specific to the site in Kona, Hawai’i in aquaponics, communications, green building standards, energy storage, electric vehicles, and waste systems.

NOTE: mass-production of WIRELESS GRID™ SHOWCASE technologies will be facilitated in the future by a for-profit company

The Results

  • A “Living Laboratory” Demonstrating
    the Highest “Quality of Life”
  • Sustainable Energy, Food, Water, Waste,
    Transportation, and Work Vehicles
  • No Toxic Emissions​, No Noise, No “Fire-Based” Energy Systems
  • Hurricane-proof / Earthquake Resistant Design
  • High Nutrition Food & Clean(est) Water
  • Economically Flourishing / Local Economic Development
  • Teaching / Academic Showcase in Physics, Biology, and Economics
  • High Security and Resiliency
  • Global Showcase for Developing and Island Nations to
    Visit, Test, Evaluate, and Purchase in High Volume
  • Energy Patents on Energy Storage and Communication Technology in 65 nations including Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe, Papua New Guinea, Russia, South Korea, U.S., and Vietnam

Join us in investing in the first 100% off-grid sustainable energy project

Give one-time or monthly, and you’ll become a part of changing the world, and a part of a passionate community, committed making sure everyone in the world has access to clearn, sustainable energy.